Pandemic Play: Chicago

This is the planning stage for kicking off a local Pandemic Play chronicle in Hunter Books’ Outbreak: Undead organized play campaign. The hope is to start in December with a Day Zero scenario for Preseason, then enter the regular season play in January 2016.

Character Creation

  1. You will need to generate your SPEW-AI stats. This is done 1 of 3 ways:
    1. Take the SPEW-AI test here
    2. Distribute 120 points between the 4 SPEW stats with scores ranging from 25 to 45
    3. Use a template character card from the Starter Kit
  2. Once you have your SPEW-AI stats, record these on your Character Record Sheet
  3. Generate your Gestalt Level by taking the sum of your Attribute Bonuses and multiply by 3
  4. Generate your Base Skills following the the Attribute Combinations on the Character Sheet
  5. Select a number of Tiers of Traits equal to the sum of your Attribute Bonuses
  6. Select up to 3 Paradigms
  7. Select a Disadvantage
  8. Select up to 5 Cargo Units of equipment

You’re ready to play!

Pandemic Play Chicago

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